Mood Music

by Bill Roberts

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Mood Music is about helping children recognise and accept the different moods and emotions that they feel.
Using songs, puppets, instruments and discussion, Mood Music gives children a fun way to explore themes that can be quite difficult.
Most of the songs can be varied


released August 3, 2016

Mood Music has been developed over 10 years, with funding from Children In Need and Youth Music.



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Play It! Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Grumpy Angry Tiger
Grumpy angry tiger,
Stamps his feet and roars
‘I don’t like you elephant,
You’re standing on my paws

Go away! Go away!
I don’t want to play!
Go away! Go away!
Go away today!’

Elephant says ‘Sorry
I didn’t see you there
I wasn’t looking carefully
I know it isn’t fair’

Elephant says ‘Sorry
I want to be your friend’
Next day tiger says ‘ok’
And that’s the end
Track Name: Sad Sad Hedgehog
There was a sad sad hedgehog
Couldn’t find his mummy
Couldn’t find his daddy
Oh so sad…….
‘I want my mummy,
And I miss my daddy
And I love my mummy
I’m a sad sad hedgehog’

Then his friend the donkey
Said ‘I’ll help you find your mummy
I’ll help you find your daddy
Let’s go and look together’

And they looked over here
And they looked over there
They looked up high
And they looked down low

And they found his mummy
And they found his daddy
And now he’s happy
He’s a happy happy hedgehog
Track Name: Scared Anxious Turtle
Scared anxious turtle
Hiding in her shell
Nervous of new people
Scared of mice as well

‘I’m scared of the thunder in the night time
I’m nervous of the noises in the wall
I’m worried that there won’t be any nice things for me
I’m so scared I can’t do anything at all’

And the big safe teddy
Said ‘Come with me, I’ll hold your hand
Stay with me, I understand that you’re scared
I understand, I’ll make it ok
I’ll hold you til the fear’s gone away’

And they cuddled and they cuddled
and the fear got smaller
And they cuddled and they cuddled
and the fear got smaller
And they cuddled and they cuddled
and the fear got smaller
Track Name: Happy Happy Animals
Happy happy animals
Playing in the sunshine
Happy happy animals
Together having fun

Happy happy animals
Dancing jumping running
Happy happy animals
Loved by daddy, loved by mum
Track Name: Everybody Has Feelings
Feelings, feelings, everybody has feelings
Feelings, feelings, everybody feels

Happy, happy, everybody has a bit of happiness
Happy, happy, everybody’s sometimes happy

Angry, angry, everybody has a bit of anger
Angry, angry, everybody’s sometimes angry

Sad, sad, everybody has a bit of sadness......

Tired, tired..........
Track Name: Do The Right Thing
It’s ok to feel angry,
and make an angry face
It’s ok to talk about it - feelings are ok

But….it’s not ok to hit,
and it’s not ok to push
It’s not ok to bite – do the right thing

What you feel and what you do are two different things
Whatever you feel is ok, it’s all welcome here
But try to choose the right behaviour, do the right thing
Try to choose the right behaviour, do the right thing.
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I want to pull a big long face
Sometimes I’m feeling really down
Sometimes I’m on my own in this place
And there’s no one else around

Sometimes I’m laughing with a funny face
Sometimes I’m dancing like a clown
Sometimes I want to jump and run a race
I’m the happiest guy in town

Feelings, feelings,
Sometimes up and sometimes down
Feelings, feelings
Feelings all around